By just using the Earth Dollar, you are helping to fight climate change. It is that simple and everyone can be part of the solution!

The Earth Dollar creates wildlife sanctuaries around the world call “World Heritage Sanctuaries” to protect the last remaining forests, jungles, the arctic, and parts of the oceans.You are helping to fight climate change by using the Earth Dollar. Everyone that uses the Earth Dollar is an agent of change and an Earth Guardian.

The Earth Dollar in providing a major solution for climate change can save millions of lives. Climate change is one of humanity’s greatest crisis, and the World Health Organization says that climate change kills an additional 150,000 people every year due to drought, floods, tsunami, tornadoes, and numerous other avoidable disasters. The people who are most effect by climate are usually the poorest people, so the additional hardship pushes them over the edge.

As more scientific information about global warming accumulates, climate change is emerging as perhaps the greatest environmental challenge of the twenty-first century. What is more, a virtual Pandora’s box of major global threats, such as hunger, poverty, population growth, armed conflict, displacement, air pollution, soil degradation, desertification and deforestation are intricately intertwined with and all contribute to climate change, necessitating a comprehensive approach to a solution. Rising to this challenge will entail unprecedented cooperation among the world’s nations and strong support from international organizations concerned, which encompasses major sources of greenhouse gases, major potential victims of climate change, and major mitigation potentials though carbon pools and “sinks”.


Deforestation causes climate change. The Earth Dollar creates wildlife sanctuaries around the world call “World Heritage Sanctuaries” to protect the last remaining forests, the oceans and sacred places on Earth. With the establshment of the World Heritage Sanctuaries, such as the “Anishnabe World Heritage Sanctuary”, the forests will continue to help clean the air and water of pollutants; it is also home to numerous species of plants, animals and ancient peoples.Only less then 10% of the land with intact forests on Earth remain. Your use of the Earth Dollar helps protect these last remaining refuges for the production of the Earth’s oxygen supply; the forests is the home of many anmal species and ancient peoples.

The sanctuaries are the last remaining refuge on Earth; the wilderness helps to clean the air and water of pollutants; it is also how to numerous species of plants, animals and ancient peoples. Click here to see some fasinating facts about forests.

Forests have four major roles in climate change: they currently contribute about one-sixth of global carbon emissions when cleared, overused or degraded; they react sensitively to a changing climate; when managed sustainably, they produce woodfuels as a benign alternative to fossil fuels; and finally, they have the potential to absorb about one-tenth of global carbon emissions projected for the first half of this century into their biomass, soils and products and store them – in principle in perpetuity.

The Earth Dollar solves the climate change crisis by preserving the last remaining forests, and planting of billions of diverse trees.  Deforestation disrupts rainfall patterns that are a key factor in the greenhouse effect. Large scale biomass proposals would require enormous amounts of forests to be consumed. documents these interconnections.

The timber industry is promoting forest biofuels as a replacement for their business losses from the burst of the housing bubble. Electrical utilities like burning trees because they see them as baseload power that can augment intermittent renewable sources. Privately, some of the utilities probably know that the fuel sources for the power grid are near or at their “peaks.” Natural gas in the US is past peak, despite exaggerated claims for “shale gas” extracted through “fracking.” Coal is near its peak, globally, and supplies are similarly exaggerated. Even uranium is approaching its peak.

Solutions to protect forests include:

  • selective forestry that maintains canopies, which provides more board feet in the long run
  • cooperatives instead of limited liability corporations to manage and restore tree farms
  • demand reduction for wood and paper products
  • shifting away from endless growth models toward steady state economics, which is appropriate for a round, finite planet
  • mycoremediation: don’t burn slash piles, use mushrooms to convert brush piles to soil




The Earth Dollar plan to restore and reforest deserts with the help of permaculture experts, which will be turned into additional World Heritage Sanctuaries to financially secure the Earth Dollar. Reforesting deserts is another way to absorb the CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases as a way to fight climate change.



Maintaining the health of carbon absorbing microbes in the oceans is another way to absorb and sequester greenhouse gases that are largely the cause of climate change. We pln to create ocean refuges via the World Heritage Sanctuaries program.



The Earth Dollar can pump trillions of dollars into the sustainable economy to fund the development of green and sustainable projects; this includes encouraging the installation of millions of solar panels on homes and the wide usage of electric cars.